Data Protection Act 1988

In order to manage my business I maintain computer based records of pupils details.  Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1988 I am exempt from notifying the Information Commissioner of this usage.  The data is held in compliance with the eight Data Protection Principles and WILL NOT be released to any other person without the explicit prior approval of the client.  This will only be done to enable continuation of lessons with another instructor.

Details of the information held on computer are shown below:

Personal details:

Name First Name & Last Name
Home Phone No
Mobile Phone No
Work Address  Where relevant
Work Phone No
Lesson Charges How much you are paying.
Source How you found out about me.
Date Started When you started your lessons.

Test Information:

Test Date/Time
Test Centre
Test Result Pass/Fail + No. of Driving Errors
A print out of all details held may be requested. A charge of 10 will be made for this service.