Why choose me???

Choosing a Driving Instructor is quite a difficult decision.  Many people ask someone they know to refer them to an instructor.  Many parents ask their friends for recommendations.  Indeed I get quite a lot of pupils that way.  At they end of the day, no matter how good an instructor is the pupil has to feel comfortable with them.  I will always recommend a first 'trial lesson' so that the pupil does not feel committed.  {Remember - an instructor can be changed at any time!}  I have listed below a lot of the reasons why I think you should ring me. 
Reliable. You will never be left wondering if I will turn up.  If I cant make it or I am going to be more than five minutes late I will contact you.
Good Value Lessons. I know my lessons are not the cheapest but I believe that when you look at what is included they represent excellent value.
High Pass Rate. My pass rate is in excess of 60% which is somewhat higher than the average for Farnborough ( 47%).  85% of my passes are on the 1st or 2nd test.
On-Line training. Pupils can sign up to on line training for the theory test with eDriving Solutions.  A taster of what is available can be accessed here.
Fully Qualified. I have been Qualified since 1991.  Its not wrong to take lessons from a Trainee Instructor but they should make their status known to you to allow you the choice.
Structured Training I have a structured syllabus and don't expect pupils to be able to do anything they haven't been taught.
Progress Record.  I maintain a record of each pupils progress that will be discussed each lesson.  Some instructors don't.
CPD Compliant. I am compliant with the DSA's Continuous Professional Development requirements.
No Smoking. I maintain a strict No Smoking policy in the car.  Despite this being a legal requirement not all instructors do!
No Passengers. You will receive dedicated attention and will not be distracted by others in the car.
No Errands. I do not interrupt the lesson to run 'errands'.
No Phone calls. I do not make or receive phone calls whilst conducting a lesson.  Again, it is illegal. 
No yellow Lines I do not park on Yellow lines.  I believe this gives a poor message to pupils.  Believe it or not some instructors do this.
Now ring me and arrange that trial lesson!!